#1 - The Portal

Luis Soares (28) - Portugal

The proposal seeks to grant all the three fundamental requisites in full while maintaining a high level of flexibility for the use of the spaces.

 The intervention disconsiders the existing building and takes on the remaining structure to build a very tall and light structure hovering above the highway marking the entrance in the city - a light portal setting up a frame to welcome artist to intervene.

 The passage is provided at the lower level connecting it the most efficient way both sides of the bridge.

 Around the main pillars, two vertical access points convey way to four levels that can be sectioned in the middle, each with their own access. These spaces are to be used as the city sees fit. Thus the Festive Lieu can occur anywhere and optimize the way people enjoy the several different spaces. Furthermore, an exterior space, is also presented to offer a thrilling experience over the highway.

 The restaurant and lounge areas could be placed on the top floors where the views are intensified and other functions as the exhibitions room and other events. 

 What is proposed is a visitable vertical stage where an welcoming stand could take place on an cultural way, a cultural stand that defines the entry of Paris.