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A green



The Fort de Villiers of tomorrow will be resolutely turned towards the future in all its dimensions.
You are invited to create a central meeting point, an authentic and innovative sport and cultural centre, becoming a true green lung for the city.
This “Sport Factory” will also host festivals and temporary events. It will have to be in line with the organization of the 2024 Olympics but not limited to it.



You are invited to transform the Fort de Villiers into a place open to the public, providing overall support for meetings, the exchange of ideas, as well as sporting and cultural events.


- a CENTER dedicated to innovation, culture and sports

Looking to the future, this forum will host sports as well as cultural activities that invent innovate and accompany the emergence of new uses and new projects.
Your proposal may include: co-working spaces, venues, congresses, seminars, sports, training and wellness rooms as well as workshops, catering, housing, etc.
An event program related to the Olympic Games of 2024 can be considered, contributing to the influence of le Grand Paris.


- a green lung

Reveal the landscaping of the site, make it a real place for walking, discovery and relaxation: sports courses, playgrounds, urban agriculture, allotments gardens, sculpture park, etc.
As a development lever to the city, your proposals could include a green housing development or an innovative hotel complex integrated built into the site.

The built surface area for the project will be between 8 000 m² and 15 000m² (on the 4 ha site)
Rectification on 2018-01-15:
The built surface area for the project will be between 10 000 m² and 20 000m² (on the 4 ha site)

Your intervention should mainly take place in the Perimeter 1 (see diagram below).
However, your intervention could also unfold in the near environment (Perimeter 2).
The landscaped areas and access to the site can also be part of your design thought process. Your architectural “grafting” can be of any scale or any type as long as the original architectural elements are preserved.

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