A FEstive lieu

You are invited to transform Pondorly into an event venue, open day and night, with a convergence of visitors in one or several meeting points. The choice of what type of events is up to you.


A passage TOwards RUNGIS

Rungis will be completely transformed by 2025, opening entirely to the public. The ability to cross the bridge must therefore be maintained and highlighted.


A signal for paris

Everyone coming from Orly airport passes under Pondorly.  Your project should mark the territory on which it is situated.


The total project area should be between 5000 and 8000 m2.

Your intervention should take place principally in perimeter 1 (see the diagram below).  Your reflection may, however, incorporate the area immediately surrounding the bridge (perimiter2). The landscaped border area (perimiter3) can also be considered in your reflection. 

Your architectural graft can assume any form or scale; however, the existing structure of the building must be retained in your proposition.